Building Trust with Quality Work

Building Trust with Quality Work

Building Trust with Quality WorkBuilding Trust with Quality WorkBuilding Trust with Quality Work

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About Us

True Grit Concrete was established by Walter Collins in 1980 with a vision to do concrete with excellence. We conservatively estimate that in the last 38 years of business to have constructed over 25,000 foundations and millions of square feet of paving, in and throughout the DFW area. Today we service our clients through Commercial as well as Multi-Family & Residential divisions. The supervision we supply on our projects has experience with everything from residential, 70+ story high rise buildings and everything in between. Our clients as well as vendors are excited to work with us because we have a reputation of not only paying our bills on time but paying before they are due.

True Grit also has a Ready-Mix company as well, founded in 2005. We currently have 25 mixer trucks, 10 aggregate haulers and tankers, as well as a fleet of work trucks. We can reach all of Tarrant County and some surrounding areas w/ our ready-mix batch plant here is Fort Worth.

We value the opportunity to serve you and your team through this project. Below is a brief list of references from General Contractors we serve every day.

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